[Climate Hackathon] What industry should do to mitigate climate change?

Climate Hackathon – Challenge No. 02: What industry should do to mitigate climate change?

In this blogpost we are going to give you a idea on climate hackathon challenge number 2 and the question is What industry should do to mitigate climate change?

Climate Hackathon - what industry should do to mitigate climate change
Climate Hackathon

Title :

What Industries should do to mitigate climate change?


In Industries, Fossil fuels – Coal, Oil & Gas are by far the largest contributor to global climate change accounting for over 75% of global Greenhouse Gas Emission.
As Greenhouse Gas Emission blanket the Earth they trap the Sun’s Heat and makes Earth More heater.

As we seen, Greenhouse Gas is major factor for climate change by Industries So, If we control or manipulate the Greenhouse Gas before releasing into the atmosphere then this became revolution for whole world.

So Here we are trying to give Solution on Minimizing the Greehouse Gas Emission and how we can deal with these gases effectively and safely.


As we already seen smoke in which greenhouse is the major factor for changing climate on Earth and these Greenhouse Gases is produced by industry in large amount.
So we can control and manipulate the emitted gas by inserting a device on the top or end point of gas releasing pipes.

What this device will do?

This device will absorb all Greenhouse gases which is generated by industries and can affect climate.
After absorbing those harmful gases this device will convert those gases into solid waste which can be safely and easily decomposed without affecting the environment.

Working Model:

Climate hackathon

How this device will work?

Climate hackathon ideas
  1. At first this device will detect the gases present in the smoke released by industries.
  2. After that Gases will be separated into 2 section one is Harmful gas storage section and other one is Non-Harmful gas storage section.
  3. As industrial gases contains ammonia (NH3), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen chloride (HCl), nitrous oxide (N2O), nitrogen trifluoride (NF3), sulfur dioxide (SO2), sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) also fertilizers is made up of these chemicals so we can utilize these in manufacturing of fertilizers.
  4. These chemicals is dangerous for environment but it may became useful for corp after doing some manual work.
  5. Harmful gas is converted into solid by deposition process and further those solid material is remixed with other chemicals in fertilizers processing tank and finally produce fertilizers which can be further used by farmers in their fields for better corp production.
  6. Lastly we can release the Non-harmful gases into the atmosphere or we can use them for other purposes too.


As we already seen that greenhouse gases and smokes are the major reason for climate change so this device can reduce greenhouse gas effect on environment and reduce the rate of climate change.

This device can be used in industries as well as in other sectors where smokes is released during their daily activities.

Also we can convert harmful gases into profitable one by producing fertilizers from it.
Lastly we can say that by using this device industries can mitigate the climate change.

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