Different definitions of kissing in humans and animals!

Kissing in the world is the language of love, but different views of kissing are adopted according to the place and circumstances in the world. In China, kissing someone in public is considered unhealthy and sloppy. Kissing is somewhat accepted in Japan. The condition is that the person kissing each other should keep their bodies … Read more

Does mobile in school improve or worsen academic performance?

The foundation of Pra Thabhikai Laffjnashala has been circularized laying Shikar. Then the question is what is the reason behind this ban? The reason behind the ban may be that the teachers in the school may be using the mobile for their personal interest and due to which the academic work is deteriorating. The important … Read more

The message is here, we are waiting, if the note is here, we are asking when will the house come…

Twenty-one-year-old Subedar Ramsingh, a junior commissioned soldier of the Indian Army, was extremely happy with his new wife, Savitadevi. The memories of the first day of marriage and Madhurjani were still fresh on the seventh day. Ram Singh S. S. C. were passed. He did not know how to write poetry, but love makes any … Read more

Why International Mother Language Day on February 21?

In November 1999, UNESCO decided to celebrate Mother Language Day, which has been celebrated every year since February 2000. Its main objective is to respect linguistic and cultural diversity and promote multilingualism. Out of the more than 7000 languages ​​in the world, half of them are on the verge of extinction. Mother Language Day is … Read more

Mom’s dua will never be empty. Mom’s talk will never go away.

what madness has this become? Where do you find so many U vows? Out of three hundred and sixty-five days, about two hundred and fifty days are spent in fasting. In this and in this you will exhaust your body. Who told you that fasting pleases God?” His anger was not entirely misplaced. Every page … Read more